Episode 023: Philosophy and Bio Hacking of Inflammation

March 30, 2017

In this episode – Brandon and Daniel dive deep into the realms of inflammation and the human body. As biohackers and social incubators, we are in a constant flux of self-improvement through physical awareness and experimentation, and of course, we always want to help others improve their nutrition.


This episode is a little different and here’s why; Daniel Blum’s degree is Food and Resource Economics from the University of Florida and Brandon Reese is a Nutritionist and ex-Professional basketball player from Syracuse. With our backgrounds, and since many topics on the show are related to nutrition, we decided to create a mini-series with a discourse on relevant nutritional topics between ourselves. 


Today’s episode includes an introduction into the definition of inflammation as well as a philosophical take. There’s a ton of goodies in this show with some of our best sources of inflammation and tips on how to experiment with your own body. 


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Here is a link to Dr. David Perlmutter’s site and his book: Grain Brain


Episode 018: Joe Skipper - Crickets and Other Alternative Protein Sources - dove deep into the realm of nutrition on a few levels. Check that one out if you enjoyed this.


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