Episode 028: Dan Tortora - On Transforming Sports Media

May 3, 2017

The transformation of traditional radio broadcast is most evident in sports. With a growing number of people looking for niche shows, ease of entry and access to equipment makes the barrier to entry low. And, you can be your own boss and build an audience quite effectively on your own.


Enter Dan Tortora, the new wave of sports radio. Dan is the host of his show Wake Up Call DT, President of Tortora Broadcast Media, and a former sportscaster for ESPN Radio on The Score 1260. His love has always been communications and we explore that on the show. 


Dan brings an authentic tone to his radio show which looks to find the bridge where sports meet life. We delve into Dan's passion and interests in communication and sports. Highlighting topics from the past, present and future states of podcasts and other medias. 


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All Aboard!


This isn't our first Syracuse sports show. We did a 15-minute podcast with Marc Lomansky after he hit a one-time half court shot at Madison Square Garden in a packed stadium. 


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