Episode 027: Zach Weinberg - The Evolution of Media in Big Music and the Marleys

April 28, 2017

The Bus talks with Zach WeinbergHead of New Media at Tuff Gong Worldwide - Ziggy Marley's record label. Music is evolving rapidly as social media and new streaming tools converge... and Zach is sitting at the forefront of this evolution. Besides new media, Zach is also one of the historians for the Marley estate and their licenses and works with major industry leaders like Universal Music, WME, and others. 

 "Music is a marketing tool," in this day and age and this leaves many questions about where the industry is headed, for artists, consumers, and marketers alike. Such questions as: How will music evolve and survive in the day of low-cost streaming? How do we find new fans through rapid changing market preferences? What are technologies coming out to disrupt the market?

There is another battle going on though; the battle between art and making that art seen by the world. So how do you merge raw talent with what the market wants - without removing their artistic integrity? These are just a few of the many questions we ponder in this episode. 

As with all of our guests - we explore Zach's love and interest in his occupation and how he reached his current role. This bus ride also explores the potential for A.I in the music industry. As a coup de grace to an incredible episode... Zach gives us some historic and detailed cognizance into the rise of Bob Marley. 

This is an interesting take on the social + marketing side of music.  We also had a conversation with Joe Silberzweig, marketing manager for Live Nation and festival promoter extraordinaire that you can check out if you enjoyed this conversation.

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