#041 - Fabiana Borges - Addicted to Conquering Goals

September 13, 2017

Born in Rio de Janeiro Fabiana Borges @fborgesjiujitsu, started training jiu-jitsu at the age of 11 and began competing by the age of 14.


In 2008, at 20 years old, she arrive to the United States, invited by her friend Miriam Cardoso to teach at Gracie Barra, a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu organization with over 500 schools, in Washington. In 2010 she moved to California to work at Gracie Barra Head Quarters. She was then given the opportunity to teach at the Head Quarters for a couple years where she lead the Women’s Program.


She now operates and co owns Gracie Barra San Antonio


Fabiana gracefully let Brandon and Daniel participate in a training session before this interview, where they got a 101 on getting their asses kicked. 


Here is a list of her accolades

2010 World Silver Medallist
1st in American Nationals 2011
2nd on Pan American Championship 2011
3rd on Worlds Championship 2011
2 times World Champion
2x Pan American Champion
2x American National Champion
7x Brazilian Nationals Champion
We met Fabiana through Couchsurfing and stayed with her for two nights. Little did we know we were staying with a world renown Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion. Seeing that we had an opportunity to interview such an esteemed guest we seized the opportunity. 
In the show we went deep not into just Fabi's journey to Brazilian jiu-jitsu greatness but also the kind of mental toughness, work ethic and the transformation it takes to go from from athlete to coach. Fabi shares stories and examples of her ups and downs on her path. From her first day in the gym at 11 years old to how she seperates work vs passion. We know you'll enjoy this episode as much as we did!

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