#033 — DJ Billy Kenny & Max Charnas

July 17, 2017
DJ Billy Kenny @BillyKennyMusic is a British DJ, Producer, and head of A&R for electronic music label This Aint Bristol. 
Max Charnas @charnizard is a writer and blogger for the same label - a label known for its confounding ability to make you feel like a grasshopper at a grasshopper party. 
We were lucky enough to have Billy join the bus for an EDC exclusive conversation. Why? Because Billy is the closing act on the Cosmic Meadow stage at music festival @EDC_LasVegas (Electric Daisy Carnival); analogous to the Super Bowl of electronic music festivals. Spoiler Alert: he plays an exclusive - the intro of his EDC set. 
From stories of their youth and acid experiences to music influences and song discovery, Billy and Max give a real look into their lives during this riveting conversation. 
To hear DJ Billy Kenny's music and read Max's visually entrancing track descriptions - Go to the This Aint Bristol Souncloud page 
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If you like music festivals and want to hear about them from the business and technical side. Check this one out with Joe Silberzweig - From Raver to Music Maverick. 

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