Episode 026: Michael Hinden on Botany, Buds, and Education

April 22, 2017

Michael Hinden took a chance and moved out to California during the medical marijuana gold rush. He sought after his passion for botany and plants and left behind a job in his father's law firm. 

Michael and his company Private Stock Veganics are in a pursuit to provide the highest grade cannabis-derived from truly natural and organic techniques. He's made a brand that's respected for its quality above all else. They are on a mission in order to bring the marijuana industry back to a more natural approach to raising their plants. 

This episode isn't just about plants. The boys cover an array of topics from education, technologies, medicine, mimicking aspects of homo sapiens, as well how to return to cohesion between humans and animals.

Looking for another show about the marijuana business or drug politics? We had a conversation with Danny Perdeck (CEO of Green Roads World) talking the growing CBD and Marijuana industries.

Bus' Weekly Fuel
1. The blog of Claudia Tavani called My Adventures Across the World for trip guides, which Brandon used to plan his journey to Cuba
2. Body Hack we are using: Pain management exercise doing a Myofascial release of the hip flexors. Check out Naudi Aguilar Youtube video and his YouTube channel Functional Patterns
3. Writing technique we are using: For 10 days write down what your life would be like if you changed one major thing...what would this alternate reality of your life look like?


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All Aboard!

Episode 009: Logic For Dinner with Aakash

December 7, 2016
Aakash is somewhat of an anomoly. He dropped out of a Statistics PH.D at Harvard to become a trader. Soon after, despite wild success, he realized that community wasn't for him (we explore this on the show). Since then he has worked for start-ups optimizing online ads and is currently studying music at the Pyramind Music Production School in San Fransisco. 
Aakash is an optimizer to the fullest extent. He applies mathmatical inference to even the most mundane of life's decisions. He has hacked loopholes for free food delivery services, near free cell phone costs, and has access to the lowest feasible flight costs to travel the world. 
His unyielding passion for music breaks the barrier between emotion and math. Afterall, music is at its core, intervals, patterns and tone to create harmony.  
On "Logic for Dinner" we explore some of his past experiences that have made him who he is today. From living in the Amazon with Brazilian nut foraging tribes to transitioning from Trading into Music, together we explore his reasoning for these decisions. He also schools us on some music insight (we thought we knew a litte something) and touches the taboo topic of Universal Basic Income. And, with his help, Brandon and Daniel discover why they even started a podcast to begin with. 
Please enjoy this episode with such an articulate speaker.
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