Episode 019: Darryll Fish - The Power of Awareness

March 1, 2017

Darryll Fish aka DFish (@darryllfish) is a 31-year-old professional poker player known not only for his skills at the tables but his shrewd social awareness and community building. He spends his time traveling the world playing both tournaments and cash games.


Some of his career highlights include a WSOP Circuit victory in Palm Beach Florida, 2nd place at WPT Montreal, and 3rdplace in the 2013 WSOP $5,000 bracelet event. He is sponsored by Seminole Hard Rock and has recently found himself doing commentary for live stream play-by-play.  


His experience playing a game that focuses on the emotions and nuances of his opponents has opened up awareness in other areas of his life (more on this in the show).  Darryll can elegantly connect and engage people from different walks of life inconsequential conversation.


This episode becomes a deeply meaningful conversation that explores the ego (such as Darryll’s poker ego) and different forms of social connection. We do a lot of critical analysis on the generational divide between millennials and their parents while discussing those different mindsets and searching through solutions to work out the differences. 


Highlights from this episode include Darryll’s recent poker trip to Australia, resolving deep-rooted pain from childhood, and some tricks for setting intentions. 


You can see one of Darryll’s most important poker hands at his 2nd place WPT Montreal finish here.


This is our second episode featuring a professional poker player and there were some interesting similarities and differences between the conversation with Adam Levy and Darryl. 


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Episode 009: Logic For Dinner with Aakash

December 7, 2016
Aakash is somewhat of an anomoly. He dropped out of a Statistics PH.D at Harvard to become a trader. Soon after, despite wild success, he realized that community wasn't for him (we explore this on the show). Since then he has worked for start-ups optimizing online ads and is currently studying music at the Pyramind Music Production School in San Fransisco. 
Aakash is an optimizer to the fullest extent. He applies mathmatical inference to even the most mundane of life's decisions. He has hacked loopholes for free food delivery services, near free cell phone costs, and has access to the lowest feasible flight costs to travel the world. 
His unyielding passion for music breaks the barrier between emotion and math. Afterall, music is at its core, intervals, patterns and tone to create harmony.  
On "Logic for Dinner" we explore some of his past experiences that have made him who he is today. From living in the Amazon with Brazilian nut foraging tribes to transitioning from Trading into Music, together we explore his reasoning for these decisions. He also schools us on some music insight (we thought we knew a litte something) and touches the taboo topic of Universal Basic Income. And, with his help, Brandon and Daniel discover why they even started a podcast to begin with. 
Please enjoy this episode with such an articulate speaker.
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