Episode 020: Shawn Saleme on Non profits and Burning Man

March 7, 2017

Shawn Saleme is Program Coordinator of Burners without Borders - a 30 chapter non-profit group to provide disaster relief across the world. 


Leveraging the Burning Man brand and an activist skill set - Shawn organizes millions of dollars and thousands of man hours to helping the global community. This includes a recent donation of $100,000 to Standing Rock (more on this in the show). 


Outside of BWB, Shawn writes for Visual News and his work has been featured in the Seattle Times, Globalist, and the Daily Mail. 


With a passion for people and a degree in cultural anthropology, Shawn helps us to explore the uniqueness in customs, verbal cues, and gaining acceptance while abroad. 


This episode is filled with wonderful success stories from BWB including their inception as a response to Hurricane Katrina. It's also densely packed with Burning Man tips and advice and for a successful transition to location independence. 


If you're interested in discovering unique art projects You can visit Shawn's work at Visual News


His role gives a differing perspective to festivals from Joe Silverzweig, whom we had on our show in Episode 007. 


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All Aboard!

Episode 008: Vision & Ingenuity with Tech Titan Zach Hunter

November 28, 2016

Ingenuity and vision. Two staples of becoming a successful entrepreneur (and bus driver). Our most recent guest has them both. Let us introduce - Zach Hunter. A visionary and a creator, Zach went from developing shirt companies in high school to launching phone apps in college. His app has reached higher than 15th for food and dining in the Itunes App Store and can be found on 250 campuses nationwide.

He and his co-founder recently gave a TED talk on Risk Taking. Now he's here to share a conversation with you, our audience. In this convo you'll hear some of his public speaking secrets (spoiler alert: make them laugh), the thought process he puts into the outlook of a new idea, and what his spirit animal is.

Here is a link to Zach's TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0MC4CFX4Qw


Organifi Shop: http://organifishop.com?rfsn=312623.ac447

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promo code: BUSDRIVER

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