Episode 007: Joe Silberzweig From Raver to Music Maverick

November 10, 2016

Wheels up! How? Anything's possible on this bus! This episode's guest is Joe Silberzweig. When it comes to music festivals or the business side of the music industry Joes an expert. He has worked in many different facets of the music industry. From promoting parties, launching the world's biggest festival name in America, or even producing artists, Joe has done it all. We talk about what led Joe to work such a dream job from the struggles and risks to the untold successes, the direction music festivals are going, what led certain celebrity DJs, such as Shaq, into the EDM scene, and the press play movement.

Joe has worked for companies like SFX to launch TomorrowWorld in America and currently works as the marketing manager for LiveNation. You can follow and connect with Joe on Instagram at @joeysilbz.

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