Episode 014: Adam Levy - In the Mind of a Poker Pro

January 17, 2017

Adam, known to many as @Roothlus, is a professional poker player who exited a life on Poker’s biggest stage in an attempt to forge a new path. Though he’s taking risks in the entrepreneurial and marketing game these days, it’s his diverse skills from playing Poker and Magic: The Gathering that helped open the floodgates.  He’s quite the social experimenter, has some wild stories from his poker days, and is known to make a stir with his top 10 lists. Plus, he’s just much happier when he can share an opinion or two.

His most celebrated poker achievement undoubtedly had to come back in the 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event, where he placed 12th overall. It wasn't just Adams audacious poker play that propelled him to fame but more of his casual celebrity run-ins, with the likes of Phil Hellmuth and Justin Beiber! 

We talk about the grass being greener outside Adam's comfort zones as well as the evolution of slang and language through ebonics. This conversation is great for any 20 something year old who thought the best way to optimize his or her's human experience is through fame and fortune.

See Phil's blow-up at Youtube video of Adam Levy

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