#052 - Juan Carlos and Diego Mendez - Musical Influencers of Ecuador

February 7, 2018


Although music is known for breaking barriers and merging communities the cost to learn and own musical equipment still prohibits many from recognizing their full musical potential. Quito is one prime example of this with the Statue of The Virgin Mary historically dividing north and south, rich and poor. 

El Musican Project was founded, by Juan Carlos and Diego Mendez in order to break down these barriers and allow music to serve its true purpose. From offering scholarships to lower-income students to partnering with companies such as The Numa Project, which seeks to build low-cost musical equipment out of recyclable goods. This isn’t just a goodwill project these guys are looking to personally inject a stronger musical culture and. Community into not just Quito but all of Ecuador itself.
In the episode, we discuss everything from the historical aspects of music cultures from Ecuador and Latin America to socio-economic and cultural issues facing Ecuadorians today. 
This episode was recorded at IMPAQT hub in Quito, Ecuador. Not only did we sit down with Juan Carlos and Diego Mendez but we also sat down with one of their lead musicians JD Villacis.
Be sure to check out our bus stop with El Musican Project on our youtube channel.
If you’d like to donate or find out more about El Musican Project you can check out the website here and their socials on Facebook and Instagram.

We recorded this episode in Quito, Ecuador at the IMAPQTO workspace. 


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Episode 014: Adam Levy - In the Mind of a Poker Pro

January 17, 2017

Adam, known to many as @Roothlus, is a professional poker player who exited a life on Poker’s biggest stage in an attempt to forge a new path. Though he’s taking risks in the entrepreneurial and marketing game these days, it’s his diverse skills from playing Poker and Magic: The Gathering that helped open the floodgates.  He’s quite the social experimenter, has some wild stories from his poker days, and is known to make a stir with his top 10 lists. Plus, he’s just much happier when he can share an opinion or two.

His most celebrated poker achievement undoubtedly had to come back in the 2010 World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event, where he placed 12th overall. It wasn't just Adams audacious poker play that propelled him to fame but more of his casual celebrity run-ins, with the likes of Phil Hellmuth and Justin Beiber! 

We talk about the grass being greener outside Adam's comfort zones as well as the evolution of slang and language through ebonics. This conversation is great for any 20 something year old who thought the best way to optimize his or her's human experience is through fame and fortune.

See Phil's blow-up at Youtube video of Adam Levy

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Episode 008: Vision & Ingenuity with Tech Titan Zach Hunter

November 28, 2016

Ingenuity and vision. Two staples of becoming a successful entrepreneur (and bus driver). Our most recent guest has them both. Let us introduce - Zach Hunter. A visionary and a creator, Zach went from developing shirt companies in high school to launching phone apps in college. His app has reached higher than 15th for food and dining in the Itunes App Store and can be found on 250 campuses nationwide.

He and his co-founder recently gave a TED talk on Risk Taking. Now he's here to share a conversation with you, our audience. In this convo you'll hear some of his public speaking secrets (spoiler alert: make them laugh), the thought process he puts into the outlook of a new idea, and what his spirit animal is.

Here is a link to Zach's TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0MC4CFX4Qw


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Episode 007: Joe Silberzweig From Raver to Music Maverick

November 10, 2016

Wheels up! How? Anything's possible on this bus! This episode's guest is Joe Silberzweig. When it comes to music festivals or the business side of the music industry Joes an expert. He has worked in many different facets of the music industry. From promoting parties, launching the world's biggest festival name in America, or even producing artists, Joe has done it all. We talk about what led Joe to work such a dream job from the struggles and risks to the untold successes, the direction music festivals are going, what led certain celebrity DJs, such as Shaq, into the EDM scene, and the press play movement.

Joe has worked for companies like SFX to launch TomorrowWorld in America and currently works as the marketing manager for LiveNation. You can follow and connect with Joe on Instagram at @joeysilbz.

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